About Maple Street

Who We Are & How We Started

Maple Street Denim was founded in 2014 by me, Julie Harleman! Hi!  With over a decade of working with customers and gaining a vast knowledge of denim fits and history at my previous job, I saw a need for a different kind of shop, one where customer service and expert fitting with well made clothing and classic styling ruled over quick trends and fast fashion. When you visit my shop, expect to be helped with finding the best fitting pair of jeans for your body and to choose from a thoughtful selection of well made, timeless products to wear with jeans.

Inspired by my love of rock n roll and vintage Americana, I hope my shop feels like you're hanging out at an old friend's house listening to records and trying on stuff from their closet. :) I wanted to create a place where people would really like to be. I chose to name it after the street that my late father grew up on as an homage to him and because it has a familiar and comfortable feel. Come hang out at Maple Street! I am unbelievably lucky that I get to have a job where I can talk to people and connect with my customers every day.  I truly love helping people feel good about themselves!

We keep our denim behind the bar, and we will help you find the right size and fit. Our business model is to provide the service that we believe should come along with the price tag of the products we carry. We always have a sale section that you are welcome to on your own, and we are happy to pull anything you see for you to touch and feel it and will happily grab you whatever size you like. We will neither ignore you, nor be pushy about making a sale, but we will expect you to be as nice to us as we are to you.

Maple Street Denim was never opened to be an online retailer, so the pandemic has been a very serious challenge for my business. For now, I'm still here, chunking along, rebuilding a small team of denim wizards, trying to do my best to continue offering the excellent customer service my shop is known for, and I hope to continue to adjust to the challenges and keep my business thriving in Oakland. I hope you will come by and visit me and my staff when you're in Oakland next!