Denim Repair Service


It’s always nice to treat yourself to a new pair of jeans and we will always have our selection of well-made brands and our denim wizard expertise to help with that, but we understand there’s nothing sadder than the day you have to retire your old favorite pair. I am very excited to announce our in-house denim repair service is now available! We offer this service to help extend the life of your jeans, decrease waste, and move toward more sustainable practices in our industry. If you have some favorite jeans that need a little love, bring them to us and we will get them fixed for you

Prices vary depending on the size and type of hole and the weight of the fabric. We are currently not taking super heavy weight denim over 16 oz. Some other limits do apply to what we can repair. For example, we can patch and darn most holes, including pocket bags, but we cannot fix zippers or blown out button holes. We are currently ONLY taking denim, no other garments or fabrics. We are unable to do alterations, for that we recommend Irena Studio just down the street from us. 

All jeans MUST be washed and clean to be repaired, no exceptions! We will not repair unwashed or dirty garments.

* All garments must be brought into the shop, we are currently not accepting mail-ins.
* The minimum cost for repairs is a flat $40 if the jean was not bought from Maple Street regardless of what needs to be done to the jean or jacket. For jeans purchased from us, with proof of purchase, the minimum is $20

More pricing details:

-Although we are an official Nudie Jeans retailer, we are NOT an official Nudie Jeans repair shop. We are unable to honor FREE repairs on Nudie Jeans, but if they were purchased from us, you will receive our customer discount

- 2 panel crotch repair: $45 ($25 for jeans purchased from us here at MSD ), $20 surcharge per each additional panel
- Knee hole: Minimum charge covers one repair area, each additional hole/area $10 surcharge
- Max charge for an all over workup: $80 ($60 MSD jeans)
- Super crazy repair job, only on 100% cotton heavyweight jeans excluding major crotch repairs, that are subjectively a fun repair project: $100

* We will only work on clean garments. You must wash your jeans prior to dropping them off for repair.
* Typical turn around time is 1-2 weeks
* We charge for repairs at time of drop off.
* Jeans must be picked up within 2 months of repair completion.
* Repairs are most effective on heavyweight low stretch denim, stretchy fabric tends to re-rip very soon after darning on our industrial machine. Therefore, we do not repair denim that has less than 98% cotton or lighter than 10 oz.

Want to know more? Send us a text or an email with your questions! 


Text/iMessage: 510-816-5326