Fit Consultations and Denim Fitting

Denim Fitting in Brick & Mortar

Our shop is a full service denim bar, where our specialist staff help each customer find a great fitting pair of jeans. We know it's hard to find jeans that fit. We exist as a brick and mortar in order to provide a service to make that process easier for you. You are welcome to browse our other offerings on your own, but we believe that everyone deserves a pair of jeans that fit and we're here to help that happen. We keep our inventory behind the bar and customers should expect to be helped by our team of denim wizards.  Everyone gets the same special attention and our expertise to help you find the pair of jeans that's gonna make you do a happy dance. If you have an idea of what you want to try on and don't need as much help, that's fine too, but we will always get sizes and inventory for you and we think it's funny when people get mad about that.

Our price point is always at or below the manufacturer's suggested retail prices and these services are offered at no extra cost.

While we did offer appointments through most of the Pandemic, in order to serve everyone the best we can, we are not offering appointments during our busy holiday shopping period. Everyone will be served as they come in to the shop. We are now open on Mondays and have extended our other open hours as well.

Appointments may resume after the new year, please contact us with any questions.